Your Easy Guide to Investment: Starting Your Financial Journey Today!


What is  investment? Investment is using your money to acquire an asset or financial instrument with the expectation of generating future income or profit.  It involves the potential to grow in value over time, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or businesses.The goal is to increase wealth or achieve specific financial objectives. Investors typically assess … Read more

LIC Housing Finance Share Price Today 2024- Stock(NSE/BSE)

LIC Housing Finance Share Price

Introduction LIC Housing Finance is a Housing Finance company providing financing for buying homes. They have an appreciated tagline “Nurturing hopes, homes and happiness”. LIC Housing Finance Ltd was established in 1989 and went public in 1994. LIC Housing Finance has 9 regional, 24 back offices, and 282 marketing offices within India. Shri Siddhartha Mohanty … Read more

Tata Investment Corporation Ltd Share Price- 2024

Tata investment Corporation Ltd share price

In the active world of investment, Tata Investment Corporation Limited stands as a well-known player, enhancing the attention of investors worldwide. Established in 1937, Tata Investment Corporation has grown into a leading investment company within the Tata Group. The company’s primary objective is to swing around considerate investment management and wealth creation for its stakeholders. … Read more

Bank Nifty Investing: Overview, Composition, Benefits, Factors, and Strategies

bank nifty investing

Introduction to Bank Nifty Investing Bank Nifty investing is a stock market guide that represents the performance of a specific group of banking sector stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). It is a benchmark index for investors and traders to measure the overall performance of the banking sector within the Indian … Read more

Top 4 Investment banking in India- History and Overview

Investment Banks In India

Banking investment in India has undergone significant growth and transformation over the past few decades. Here’s an overview covering its history, growth, key players, and regulatory framework History: Growth: Key Players: Regulatory Framework: Importance Top 4 investment banks in India Kotak Investment Banking: Kotak Investment Banking Offers services Demat account opening for trading, stock, portfolio … Read more

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