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LIC Housing Finance is a Housing Finance company providing financing for buying homes. They have an appreciated tagline “Nurturing hopes, homes and happiness”. LIC Housing Finance Ltd was established in 1989 and went public in 1994. LIC Housing Finance has 9 regional, 24 back offices, and 282 marketing offices within India. Shri Siddhartha Mohanty is the recent chairman of LIC Housing Finance  The objective is to provide long-term finance to purchase or construct houses/flats for individuals for residential purposes and the purchase/construction of Clinics/Nursing Homes/ Diagnostic Centers/ Office Spaces for businesses for official uses.

LIC Housing Finance Ltd is a leading India dedicated to facilitating housing finance for individuals seeking home ownership and businesses seeking business setup. LIC Housing Finance is a reputable and reliable financial services organization. They have assisted more than 2.5 million responsible homeowners. LIC Housing Finance offers a variety of loan options for first-time homebuyers, salaried individuals, self-employed individuals, professionals, and pensioners, and women. These loans fluctuate as per their type

Role of LIC housing Finance

  • providing home loans to individuals, families, and businesses in India.
  • offering housing finance options to people with various financial goals.
  • By facilitating affordable housing loans middle-class people
  • It helps in increasing homeownership rates
  • Contribution to economic growth by construction activities and related construction industries.
LIC Housing Finance Share Price

LIC Housing Finance Share Price History

LIC Housing Finance Limited is listed and traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). They manage and monitor the valuation. Here’s an overview of the last 5-year share price performance of LIC Housing Finance:

Sr No.YearOpening PriceClosing PriceHigh Price Low PriceMarket CapP/E RatioDividend Yield

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As Per They are showing quarterly report the since last year

PeriodRevenue (Cr)Profit (Cr)Net Worth (Cr)Expenses (Cr)Earning per share (%)
Dec-20236,792 1,16727,1885,343 21.14

As on the report after the pandemic period, LIC Housing Finance’s Share Price went down in 2019 and 2020 year, it might stabilize back position at the year 2023.

Risk and Challenges of LIC

Housing Finance Share Price 

Economic Falls Affecting the Real Estate Market:-  Economic falls, such as recessions or slowdowns, can significantly impact the real estate market. During that period, demand for housing may decrease, leading to lower loan disbursements for companies like LIC Housing Finance. This can decrease revenue and profitability, which could negatively affect the company’s share price.

Changes in Interest Rates: Interest rates play a most important role in the housing finance sector. Any significant changes in interest rates, especially if they rise rapidly, can affect borrowing costs for both customers and housing finance companies. Higher interest rates might lead to reduced demand for loans and mortgages, as borrowing becomes more expensive. It can impact LIC housing finance share price.

Regulatory Changes Impacting Housing Finance Sector: The LIC housing finance sector is subject to various regulatory frameworks that can impact operations and profitability. Changes in regulations related to lending practices, risk management, capital adequacy, or securitization can affect how companies operate. Analysts and experts often assess the regulatory environment and monitor legislative developments to understand potential risks and opportunities for housing finance companies.

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LIC Housing Finance Share Price Today

LIC Housing Finance Share Price Today Following Data mention as on the date of 22 March 2024

Sr No.Opening PriceClosing PriceHigh PriceLow PriceVolume

How many % activity are having

Buying- 52%

Holds- 22%

Selling- 26%

Fundamental of LIC Housing

Finance Share Price Today

Market Capital- 32,767 Cr P/E Ratio- 6.73%

Return On Equity- 14.25% Dividend Yield- 1.43%


LIC Housing Finance Ltd is a key player in India’s housing finance sector, dedicated to providing financial support for individuals and businesses to set up their residential or official properties. The company has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1989 and has since played an important role in facilitating homeownership and business setups across India.

With a strong focus on long-term finance for residential and commercial properties, LIC Housing Finance has contributed significantly to increasing homeownership rates and stimulating economic growth through construction activities and related industries.

Analyzing the LIC Housing Finance hare price history over the past five years reveals fluctuations influenced by various factors such as market conditions, economic trends, and regulatory changes. They have faced challenges like economic downturns and interest rate fluctuations, but the company has maintained a steady performance in recent periods.

The recent quarterly reports present a positive track in revenue, profits, net worth, and earnings per share, indicating the company’s operational efficiency and financial stability.

As of the latest available data, LIC Housing Finance’s share price reflects investor confidence, with a substantial percentage of activity indicating buying interest. The fundamental indicators, including market capitalization, P/E ratio, return on equity, dividend yield, debt-to-equity ratio, and book value, portray a favorable investment profile for potential investors.

What is the current share price of LIC Housing Finance?

LIC Housing Finance share price fluctuations and can change frequently. but as on the date of 22 March 2024 closing price is Rs. 591.35 per share it might be fluctuate at the time of stock market opens

Is it a good time to buy LIC Housing Finance shares?

The decision to buy LIC Housing Finance shares depends on individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial analysis. As per the suggestion is when Price went to goes down then will be buy it.

Why is LIC Housing Finance’s share price trending?

The LIC Housing Finance share price is tending for various reasons, including company performance, market sentiment, industry trends, economic factors, and news related to the company.

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